The ECIA means we are a united industry that delivers sustainable and professional exterior cleaning services


The ECIA is a non profit organisation with the mission to cooperate as a collective and drive improvements and to develop a single voice and promote our industry in New Zealand .

 We have set a standard membership fee at $125.00 plus GST per quarter. 

Or if you wish to pay the full annual fee, cost is reduced to $400.00 plus GST.   

Suppliers only

If you would like to support Exterior Cleaners who purchase from you.  Join as a associate member for an annual fee of $400 plus GST

Apply to join the ECIA today


Funds will initially be used entirely to establish the organisation and for legal and promotional purposes pertaining to the current water restriction issues.

In the future we hope to provide many additional benefits such as training and certification, group discounts, nationwide contracts and networking.

Requirements for membership

-Must have public liability insurance of $1,000,000 minimum

-Must meet a minimum standard evidencing health and safety documentation and procedures

ECIA reserves the right to accept or decline members if they do not meet the critieria at any given stage.

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