ECIA Membership

The ECIA and its Members are collectively working to promote and deliver environmentally sound, sustainable and professional exterior cleaning standards and services.


The ECIA is a non-profit organization composed of two Membership categories;

The first category is composed of Businesses who are actively providing Exterior Cleaning Services.

The second category is composed of  Organisations with an interest in the water and discharge management objectives of the ECIA.  

The annual cost to be an ECIA Member or Associate Member is $400 (not including GST). 

For more details on the ECIA Membership Categories please email [email protected] or reference the CoP. 

ECIA Funds

The ECIA’s revenue streams will be used to support the development and promotion of the CoP.

In future we hope to provide ECIA Members with many additional benefits including specification, promotion, training, third party certification and volume discount opportunities.

Requirements for Membership

Must meet the Membership Category criteria

Must have Public Liability insurance of at least $1,000,000

Must have appropriate Health & Safety documentation and procedures

The ECIA reserves the right to accept or decline applications if they do not meet its Membership requirements.

Apply to join the ECIA today